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Business Plan Development Services

Given INSTEP's extensive history of working with venture capital firms, we understand the elements of sound business planning and venture financing. We take this experience and leverage it to the benefit of technology companies.

INSTEP's services in this area include:

Development of Business Plan
Initially, we concentrate on the business plan as a tool to:

  • Focus and guide internal resources and decision-making,
  • Present to investors during fund raising,
  • Facilitate strategic partnerships with technology companies, distribution channels and service providers.

Working jointly with an executive team from the company, we refine and extend our business planning process and outlines to the needs of the company. At this point, we begin the process of research, analysis and business plan development. Typical elements of a business plan include:

  • Executive summary,
  • Business opportunity statement and value proposition,
  • Market strategy and positioning,
  • Whole product offer,
  • Competitive analysis,
  • Business model (including product packaging and pricing),
  • Marketing, sales and distribution,
  • Business and technical operations,
  • Financial plan and growth,
  • Risk identification and abatement strategies,
  • Exit scenarios,
  • Management team,
  • Investment use of proceeds and description of offering.

Capitalization Advisory Services
Companies often desire an outside perspective on capitalization issues. INSTEP provides capitalization advisory services to companies in areas such as:

  • Recommendations on timing and sizing of capital rounds,
  • Multi-round investment scenarios and management of dilution,
  • Valuation and deal term negotiation,
  • "Smart" investor identification, contact and introduction,
  • Advice on packaging and presenting the company to potential investors,
  • Advice on preparing for due diligence,
  • Assistance in selecting investors and "value-add" analysis,

Customized Engagements
Some companies have specific business plan needs that do not fit neatly into any single INSTEP service offering. In these cases, we work with the executive management of the company to develop a customized engagement scope of work and plan to meet its individual needs. Such engagements often involve elements from several of our service offerings.

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