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Organizational Development Services

Start-up companies that have focused on technology development sometimes have organization structures resulting from individual profiles and historical sequences of arrivals and departures. More mature companies may have organization structures established when they were smaller and had different product and market priorities.

INSTEP staff is skilled at assisting existing staff with execution, coaching them through unfamiliar processes and occurrences. We can also suggest organizational structures that have proven effectiveness and respect the talents and interests of the company's staff.

INSTEP's organizational development services include:

Organizational Design and Resource Planning
INSTEP can help senior management maximize the effectiveness of their organizations through choice of the best organizational structure. INSTEP can help your company identify the resources, organizational structures, role definitions and skills required for the execution of market and product strategies, working with your engineering and marketing groups.

Skills Assessment and Gap Analysis
As companies grow, the roles and staff profiles they require change. Some staff grow into new roles, others prefer to remain within the roles they understand and where they excel. INSTEP can help senior management gain an external perspective on the strengths and skills of staff, and recognize where they can make the greatest contribution to the growing company. We can also identify the profiles of new hires that are needed to round out the organization's skill profile.

Development of an Advisory Board
Often times companies would like an outside perspective on market, technology, and product trends. In such cases, INSTEP assists companies in the formation of advisory boards for these purposes and may also participate on an advisory board.

Facilitation of Executive and Technical Recruitment
INSTEP's long experience in the software industry has brought us into contact with top-class staffing agencies and individuals. INSTEP can set up relationships with headhunters, prepare job descriptions that reflect general job requirements and the specific company requirements, participate in the interview process, etc.

Mentoring and Coaching of Executives
Start-up companies that have focused on product development sometimes lack the depth of management experience that is needed to create effective, executing organizations. INSTEP staff is skilled at assisting staff in new unfamiliar roles, coaching them through unfamiliar processes and occurrences.

Customized Engagements
Many clients have specific needs that do not fit neatly into any single INSTEP service offering. In these cases, we work with the senior management of the client company to develop a customized engagement scope of work and plan to meet its individual needs. Such engagements often involve elements from several of our service offerings.

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