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Corporate Overview

Since it was founded in 1989, INSTEP has been an entrepreneurial advisory firm focused on the needs of technology companies and investors. INSTEP is an affiliate of The Chasm Group (Geoffrey Moore, Chairman) Silicon Valley's premier market strategy consulting practice. INSTEP partners with executives from technology companies across many industries (software, Internet, telecommunications, wireless, etc.) at all stages of maturity to develop market and product strategies for success. INSTEP uses market realities and recommendations based on market, competitive, investment, and technology trends to develop and execute corporate strategies.

INSTEP focuses on advising companies in creating strong positions in targeted growth markets to change the competitive landscape. This is done by defining and bringing to market compelling whole products based on sound architectures, breakthrough technologies and strong partnerships. INSTEP also works with management to guide the execution and "go to market" plan for these strategies. Execution leads to increased revenues, profits and market valuations - the ultimate measure of shareholder value. We also provide advisory due diligence and post investment services to technology investors.

Our primary services are facilitative and consulting based, in part, on a set of pragmatic ideas and models, overviewed in the publications of Geoffrey Moore - Crossing the Chasm, Inside the Tornado, The Gorilla Game and Living on the Fault Line - and supplemented by our operating backgrounds in the technology industry as sales, marketing and engineering executives. The Chasm Group has used these methods to help over 700 companies since 1992.

INSTEP provides services to start-ups for the acceleration and nurturing of their growth, valuation and capitalization. These services include business plan and business model definition, capitalization planning and execution, product marketing and "go to market" execution, product technology assessment, process definition and organizational development.

INSTEP's work with established technology vendors focuses on accelerating growth, increasing valuation and improving scalability. This is achieved by a variety of interventions providing seasoned product strategy, market research, product management, technology assessment and defining scalable, efficient and effective processes across core business functions.

INSTEP is a leader in targeted market and technology due diligence and risk assessment services for the technology investment and M&A community. We provide independent due diligence services focused on market strategy and positioning; technology and products; business and technical processes; business model; personnel; risk analysis and exit strategies. Post investment, INSTEP performs periodic reviews of portfolio companies for investors. Post acquisition, INSTEP facilitates the integration and consolidation of products, processes, people, organizations and infrastructure.

INSTEP staff are seasoned professionals who have extensive start-up, expansion stage, turnaround and capitalization experience. Our staff build lasting client relationships based on value, trust and respect. INSTEP staff often act as a skill supplement to technology firms and have a "roll up our sleeves" style due to our strong operating backgrounds.

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