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INSTEP Services Overview

Since its inception in 1989, INSTEP has been an entrepreneurial advisory firm focused on the needs of technology companies. INSTEP is an affiliate of The Chasm Group, Silicon Valley's premier market strategy consulting practice. INSTEP partners with executives from technology companies across many industries (software, Internet, telecommunications, wireless, etc.) at all stages of maturity to develop market and product strategies for success. INSTEP assists companies to create strong positions and whole products in targeted growth markets to change the competitive landscape. We also provide advisory due diligence and post investment services to technology investors and companies.

INSTEP's advisory services are offered in the following areas:

Market Strategy Development Services
Focus is the essence of a great market strategy. Creating an effective market strategy requires a firm understanding of a company's existing market strategy, its whole products, technologies and related assets. As an affiliate of The Chasm Group, Silicon Valley's premier market strategy practice, INSTEP employs a series of proven methods, tools and practices to discover and develop sound, focused market strategies. Collectively, we facilitate technology-based companies and organizations in the development and implementation of corporate and market development strategies that create and sustain market leadership. Our primary services are facilitative consulting based in part on the ideas detailed in the best-selling books - Crossing the Chasm (1991, HarperBusiness); Inside the Tornado (1995, HarperBusiness); The Gorilla Game (1998, HarperBusiness) and Living on the Fault Line (2000, HarperBusiness) - authored by The Chasm Group's Chairman Geoffrey Moore. These methods have been used to help over 700 companies since 1992.

INSTEP's services in this area include:

Whole Product Planning Services
Whole Product Planning transforms market and product strategies into the execution world of Market Requirements Documents (MRDs), product management, and release planning.

INSTEP's services in this area include:

Business Plan Services
With INSTEP's extensive history of working with venture capital firms, we understand the elements of sound business planning and venture financing. We take this experience and leverage it to the benefit of technology companies. We use the business plan as a tool to:

  • Focus and guide internal resources and decision-making,
  • Present to investors during fund raising,
  • Facilitate strategic partnerships with technology companies, distribution channels and service providers.

INSTEP's services in this area include:

Software Development and Support Process Definition Services
Many software firms do not have well-defined and supported processes in place. Further, the lack of such defined and supported processes is a major impediment to a company's success in the market place. At INSTEP, we believe that process is not a rigid straitjacket that stifles the energy and creativity of the staff involved in creating your product. Process exists to build the product faster, better and cheaper. It is intended to reduce the unforeseen emergencies, reworks, and "fire-fighting" that characterize too many organizations. The goal of process is to free your staff to exercise the ingenuity and imagination that create great products.

INSTEP's services in this area include:

Organizational Development Services
Start-up companies that have focused on technology development sometimes have organizational structures resulting from individual profiles and historical sequences of arrivals and departures. More mature companies may have organizational structures established when they were smaller and had different product and market priorities. INSTEP staff is skilled at assisting existing staff with execution, coaching them through unfamiliar processes and occurrences. We can also suggest organizational structures that have proven effectiveness and respect the talents and interests of the company's staff.

INSTEP's services in this area include:

Investment Analysis Services
INSTEP staff routinely work as outside, independent members of due diligence teams for venture capital firms, M&A firms and corporate development groups.

INSTEP's services in this area include:

For Further Information If you would like further information on how INSTEP may be of assistance to you, e-mail us at inquiry@instep.com or call us at (717) 898-1567.

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